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About Us - TINC Creative Lagos

It all begins with a thought..
That tiny fickle idea that changes the world and evolves the human race..
They are all around us…
Cars, computers, microphones and telephones..
But did you know that the success of your thought depends on.. how well it is accepted by others?
So who will bear the news and broadcast it like a town crier?
Then comes the knights in fancy sweat tops and laptops..
Ready to use every weapon inside and outside the box..
From logos to websites, adverts and brand collateral..
To spread your gospel in the wilderness to all and sundry
We think, not because the word rhymes with our name
But because we exist to project your thoughts to the world
Now, you can finally reach your full potential because we care

We are TINC Creative….Your Digital Agency!


To provide our clients with the most creative
and result driven service

The right team for your project
we love what we do