Our core services

Web Design & Development

What’s your business idea? It’s common knowledge that you need a website to showcase your ideas to the world. What is however uncommon, is getting a website that improves your brand image, attracts and engages visitors, and helps generate sales. That’s what you need. With TINC, that’s what you get.

UI/UX design:

Right from the first few seconds, we’ll get your customers hooked by creating interfaces that are both pleasing to the eyes and helpful enough to solve problems. We believe that by striking a fine balance between efficiency and aesthetics, everybody wins!

App Development:

There are apps and there are apps. If you need the kind of app that makes customers clap in applause, then we’ve got you. Android or iOS, we help brands deliver real solutions to customers on their favourite devices in the coolest way possible.

Website Development:

When we build websites, we design them to capture the very essence of a brand, improve conversion rates, and maximize revenue to help grow brands and achieve business goals. Not just that, your site is also optimized for SEO and mobile screens.


Strategy & Analytics

Every successful journey requires direction and the ability to interpret the signs along the way. We craft digital strategies that provide purpose and align with the ambition of the business. Not just that, we also analyse and interpret data to help our clients make strategic decisions that propel them to reach their full potential.

Brand and Campaign Strategy:

A brand is what happens in the minds and emotions of real people. Without a clear strategy, it will be difficult to say or do the right things and make that emotional connection that guarantees business success. We have the winning formula.

Conversion Optimization:

Getting visitors to your website is only half the marketing equation. The other half is making them stay long enough to complete a transaction. Our scientific approach to optimizing websites has enabled businesses to convert more visitors into subscribers or customers.

Campaign Analytics:

Actions lead to results, and results point out the direction to go. After implementing all our brilliant campaign strategies and marketing techniques, we analyze and test various parameters to help brands measure ROI and figure out the next best step.

Growth Hacking:

No matter how large or small a business is, it important to explore creative, low-cost strategies to acquire and retain customers. Because we care so much about helping businesses get ahead of the competition, we analyze the latest marketing and product-development trends to develop custom marketing solutions.


Branding & Identity

What do people say about your brand when you’re not in the room? In a world where millions of brands are competing for the same set of customers, impression matters. We beautifully fuse your brand values with visual elements to make the look and feel of your brand scream “pick me” in a sea of competitors.

Brand Identity:

Setting a business apart from every other Wale, Zora and Bianuju, Inc. on the block is a special sauce for marketing success. We know how to concoct the right colours, lines and shapes such that your brand becomes easily recognisable and relatable.

Branded merchandise:

These days, only smart marketing can help businesses grow at a bigger level. Our merchandising services are designed to push your brand to the forefront of competition.

Campaign creatives:

Whether the objective is as straightforward as “sell this product,” or as abstract as “brand exposure,” we bring campaign ideas to life with attention-grabbing creatives for print, digital, multimedia, or all three.

Corporate Stationery:

Every single customer touch point is important in managing your brand perception, including stationery. From envelopes to letterhead, notepads and compliment slips, we will infuse your corporate branding such that your quality is easily perceived wherever it is being used.

Magazines & Brochures:

From design to printing stage, we deliver stunning magazines and brochures in terms of creative direction and print quality.




Your business is now online, great! The next step is locating the audience best suited to your product or service and make them see the value you offer. That takes a lot of grit and strategy. We are experts at helping brands create an engaging online presence that translates to top-of-mind awareness and generates sales.

Search Engine Optimization:

There’s really no point having a nice looking website that nobody knows exists. That is why you need to keep the internet gatekeepers – search engines – so they can send relevant traffic to your website. That is why you need TINC.

Email Marketing:

There’s no better way to share clear and specific messages with target customers than through email. As customers continue to crave highly-personalised campaigns and messages, we help brands sing the tune they want to hear like rockstars.

Social Media Management:

The art of building a vibrant and passionate community on social media is one that requires dedication and creativity. We work round the clock to engage your audience with interactive content, so you can focus more on securing the bag.

Pay Per Click Ads:

Every second of the day, people are online, searching to answer questions. We find the best way to plug businesses into the busy streets of the internet so that prospective customers can discover the solutions they offer.

Content Marketing:

Marketing is a two-way street – you scratch the back of customers with useful information, and they scratch yours by patronizing your business. Content marketing helps you achieve that and we have the creative ability to deliver value for your target audience.

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