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Little Known Ways To Get More Likes For Your Brand’s Facebook Page


Since the page like feature was introduced in April 2010, it has wielded so much power and positioned itself as the ultimate yardstick for brands’ online acceptance and popularity on Facebook. Now everyone’s jostling for likes like a 13yearold in a new secondary school. In this digital dispensation, the way we market products and services has gone way beyond traditional methods. It’s gone social!

So how can one rack up the highly coveted likes on a business brand page? A lot of methods have been tried and tested, some effective and others not so effective. A few of them are shared below….

Optimize your profile page. One of the first things a first-time visitor to your Facebook page will do is to look up your business profile to know what services you render. This is where they determine if you’re relevant to them or not. If you are, you get a like and if you’re not, you know what happens. You see, this is your first chance to appeal to your target audience and market your business to potential clients. Providing sufficient information here will make your brand come across as authoritative, trustworthy and professional. This also allows your page to rank high on the social media channel and come out on top when users enter search queries similar to your business.

Pay close attention to your cover and profile photos. We all like to ogle at lovely images on Facebook, so the images used must be of high resolution and visually appealing enough to gain some likes. The copy that describes your brand will be a lot more effective with good photos. Cover photos will display at 828 X 315 pixels on desktop computers and at 640 X 360 pixels on smartphones. Ensure your cover picture aligns with your brand’s style for congruity. As for the profile photo, they need to be iconic and easily recognizable. Be in mind that profile pictures display at 160 X 160 pixels on desktop computers and 128 X 128 pixels on smartphone screens.

Post engaging content, regularly. Social media is all about being ‘social’ to start with so every brand page on Facebook or any other social media platform must regularly share the sort of content that will trigger interaction with the audience. Blogging is an excellent way to do this. With the aid of Facebook’s social plug in for use on websites, content from your blog can be shared directly to the Facebook page to drag in site traffic. The plug in also has a ‘like’ button that link’s back to Facebook servers and counts in favor of the respective page.

The ultimate goal of engaging your audience is to start interesting conversations they can easily relate to, and even share on their timelines, thereby attracting more friends, who will equally get engaged and the cycle continues. If you only use your Facebook page to talk about your business all the time, things will get boring for your audience and sooner or later, the likes will start depleting. Images work all the time. Some brands have devised other methods like question and answer sessions, sharing trivia, contests and prize-giving. What a brilliant strategy indeed!

No matter the strategy used, getting more likes is a good show of brand authority and credibility. The more percentage of audience you have access to, the more your chances of converting them to paying customers and walking adverts.

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