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Video Is The New Icing On The Cake

TINC Creative, Digital Marketing

Welcome to 2017, the year of surprises. An unusual wave of change is sweeping across the globe in terms of climate, government, policies and general standard of living. Even here at TINC, we’ve had to rustle up our nest and change the look and feel of our website to improve user experience. Hope you like it already :).

So what has changed in the business world? Business will forever be about administering solutions to problems and turning a profit out of it (unless of course you’re a not-for-profit organisation). The only thing that however changes is the marketing approach applied, which ultimately has become the most important survival factor.

As it stands, video is now the hottest sauce in the digital marketing mix and top brands are already committing more resources to use it in their favour. According to Syndcast , 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

This is no hype. One single video can help achieve most brand marketing objectives of educating, inspiring and engaging a targeted audience. That’s a real hunters stunt of killing three rabbits with one arrow! Brand awareness is achieved the engaged audience can be converted to paying customers in the long run.

Ever since Google acquired YouTube, the search algorithm has been adjusted in favour of videos. As a result, search results now prominently feature videos among top results. This offers great SEO benefits to the online platforms of businesses. Users (especially from mobile phones) are more likely to share and re-share video than other forms of content.

Even social media giants are not left out of the video rave and are seriously investing in video infrastructure and features to further drive the massive engagement they have received from videos. Twitter now has Periscope while Facebook has Live to encourage live video broadcast.

Now you see, video is really the icing on that cake for marketing your brand. But as it is in real life, nobody will know how sweet your cake is if the icing/sugar coating is not beautifully crafted. Do not attempt to do this on your own. Seek out professionals to get maximum results.

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